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We strongly believe in promoting girls in sport. Do you know that over 40% of Canadian girls between the ages of 3 and 17 are not active in sports? Most experts believe there is a confidence gap between boys and girls. Many psychologists believe that perseverance, failing and taking risks are part of a confidence building process. Some girls learn to avoid making mistakes or take risks whereas boys are rewarded for doing just that. Some of the other reasons why girls participate less than boys in some areas include:

Lack of access

In some communities, girls have fewer opportunities and fewer facilities to participate in sports than boys.

Social stigma

Despite some progress in recent years, discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity of female athletes may exist (whether perceived or real). Some girls experience bullying and other forms of abuse due to this social stigma.


Unfortunately, community and school budgets are being cut across the country contributing to fewer opportunities available at an affordable cost.

Lack of positive role models

Today’s youth are inundated with images of external beauty, not necessarily of strong female athletic role models. The perceived beauty and peer pressure to meet images of these role models can be difficult for girls, especially if it is not offset by strong encouragement and care.

The Royal City Soccer Club is dedicated to encouraging and fostering the participation of girls in sport by trying to eliminate barriers including:

Creating a safe and welcoming place

We create an environment where girls feel comfortable, safe, valued, and encouraged to participate in all activities. It is important to us that girls have the opportunity to learn life skills in the same way boys do.

Foster & support social aspects

A sporting or camp experience that encourages socializing, fun and creativity will influence the participation of girls in sport. We make sure our culture is not about winning or losing but enjoying the experience of participating.

Grassroots format

At Royal City, we don’t stress the need to be competitive. We understand some children will be more competitive than others and we don’t want to hinder that. However, for us, the most important thing is participation and continued learning in a safe, fun environment. There are certainly plenty of opportunities to learn higher levels of skills from our staff, however, our staff are able to create the proper engaging and encouraging atmospheres for all girls.

Encourage feedback

While we are very excited and proud of our program, we are always looking to receive feedback from our participants whether it’s instant feedback onsite after an activity was played, or through surveys online from parents and families. All comments and feedback about our program are taken seriously and reviewed constantly to ensure the best possible experience for our families.

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