Why Virtual Camps are becoming cool…

June 8, 2020

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, online learning has become the new norm for schooling, social interaction, and now camps.  Virtual learning allows kids to interact and maintain some degree of normalcy during this difficult time. Virtual Camps are becoming the cool new way to learn, interact with friends and get your daily exercise.

Here are four major benefits of online learning and what this will look like for campers.

Social Interaction

The current pandemic is preventing children from being able to socialize and interact with other children. This can affect not only their mental health, but their physical motivation. Virtual camp provides them the interaction with other children while staying active. They will be able to chat with the other campers, while following a guided lesson. This is both fun, and educational, while being able to socialize with the other campers on the session.


Safety is a huge aspect of why virtual camps are beneficial, especially right now. With safety guidelines in place, and the inability to provide in person camps, campers can take part in the virtual session from the comfort and safety of their own homes. This means experiencing a virtual camp setting, while still maintaining social and physical distancing.

Physical activity

Right now, is a tough time to stay engaged in physical activity. There are very few opportunities for children to get out and get active with other kids. Video games and TV can surpass time; however, it lacks the engagement and physical benefits that a virtual camp can offer. Our virtual camp will be a counsellor lead session encouraging kids to get up and get active, the sessions will focus on soccer skill development along with fun games and activities to keep children up and moving.


The education aspect of virtual camps is one of the main benefits for kids. With some schools still out, and camps not being able to run properly, there is always the worry about the lack of learning. Virtual camps offer the ability to learn, and interact, and gain more knowledge and experience just like you would in an in-person camp. Children can ask questions and learn along with other kids. Virtual camps provide just as much learning opportunities and education as in-person camps, just in a different setting.