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Yes, we missed camp so much this year, we can’t wait for summer 2021.  Barring a government shutdown of the camp industry, we’ll be back…better than ever.  We strongly believe that the safety precautions and protocols that all day camps will follow will ensure a safe, healthy environment for all participants.

We’ll be constantly reviewing and implementing health and safety protocols as it relates to covid-19 and any other health issues as advised by local, provincial and federal health officials. As this advice is updated from time to time, we’ll be ready to pivot and adjust our protocols to ensure the safest possible environment for our campers, staff and families. These protocols will involve limiting group sizes, disinfecting equipment, physical distancing, and wearing masks where needed.

When our registration is open for the 2021 camp season, we’ll email you the process for redeeming your credit from last year. It will be as simple as selecting a method of payment called ‘camp credit from 2020’ during the registration process. If you are registering for more weeks than you have a credit for, instructions for payment will be included in this email. You can expect registration for camp 2021 to be open at the beginning of January 2021.

Yes, the 2020 credit is non-refundable and must be used towards the 2021 season.

You have the option of transferring your 2020 credit to a family member or friend. If you plan on transferring a credit to someone else, please email info@royalsoccer.com to inquire about this process.

We are planning a fantastic 2021 season. We’ve been taking this time to redevelop our programming to ensure an exciting, engaging, active, fun and safe summer. Stay tuned for our announcements coming early January.

We are currently working on all the back-end planning and programming for next summer. We plan to open our registration for summer camp 2021 by the very beginning of January.

For any questions about your account or password, please contact us by telephone (1-800-427-0536) or email (info@royalsoccer.com) and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you.

What are camp session times?
Morning sessions: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Full Day sessions: 9:00am-4:00pm

For more details on early drop off and extended care, please go to our Camp Sessions section by clicking here.

Do you have extended care hours?
Yes. We offer a supervised drop-off from 8:30-9am and pick up from 4:00-4:30pm free of charge. We also offer before care from 8-8:30am, and after care from 4:30-5:00pm for $10/camper/week each, or $15/camper/week for both, regardless of how many days extended care is required that week.

If the participant is picked up later than this designated time, you will be charged a late fee of $10 per 15 minutes daily and/OR you may be asked to withdraw the participant from our program if you cannot pick up by 5:00pm.

What activities are in the morning sessions?
Morning sessions focus on soccer which include: warm up games, individual skill development, fun team building exercises and Mini-World Cups. Campers are grouped by age, size & ability, where possible.

What activities are in the afternoon?
Afternoon programming is a less structured format and typically consists of a combination of various camp games and an afternoon leisure swim (for those enrolled in the full day swim program).  If participating in the full day swim portion, campers will enjoy a fun leisure swim fully supervised by camp staff & pool lifeguards but is subject to availability, ratios & regulations (some locations may not swim every day).  Campers may be required to rotate or share swim time at certain pools. For the campers enrolled in the full day ‘non swim’ option and for the balance of the afternoon for campers enrolled in the swim portion, various camp games will be organized, which may include water-based activities. There may not be any soccer played in the afternoons.

When is lunch time?
Lunch is scheduled to take place between 12:00pm – 1:00pm (fully supervised).

If we attend multiple weeks, are the sessions the same?
While the general format is the same and there are many similar elements from week to week, each camp week is somewhat different. Some exercises may be the same, but there will be different drills and games every week based on the theme of the week. Many of our campers love the program so much that they attend for the entire summer.

What about the swim in the afternoon?
The afternoon swim is only available to campers who registered for the full day ‘swim’ option.  It is a fun, leisure swim fully supervised by camp staff & pool lifeguards but is subject to availability, ratios & regulations (some locations may not swim every day). There are no formal lessons provided.  Campers may be required to rotate or share swim time at certain pools. For any swim concerns, see the onsite Supervisor.

What do you do in case of rain or inclement weather?
If the rain is a light mist, activities will most likely continue outdoors as scheduled. During inclement weather, our camp will go indoors or take shelter in a designated area until the inclement weather clears. Programmed activities will be modified to fit the indoor facility. There are no refunds due to bad weather.

What and where are the indoor activities?
The indoor facility used varies from site to site and sometimes from week to week. Activities conducted will be subject to the facility used and will likely be modified. You may ask the Supervisor on the first day where the indoor location will be for inclement weather.

How do you deal with the hot weather?
The summer heat is always a safety concern. From the moment the campers arrive, we insist they apply sunscreen and several times throughout the day they are reminded to do the same. During very hot periods, our activities are altered to ensure campers are not dehydrated or exhausted due to the heat. We make use of all the shade in the area and may even go indoors if the weather is too bad. The afternoon swim is a great refresher from the sun for the campers.

What if it’s too hot? Is there shade from the sun?
If the weather is too hot, we take the camp indoors or organize quiet games in the shade with plenty of refreshments and breaks. Most facilities have ample trees and shade from the sun. We encourage campers to eat lunch in the shade.

Are campers grouped according to age and skill level?
Yes, the campers are first grouped by age and then skill level depending upon the enrollment level. Depending upon the makeup of the ages and enrollment numbers, some groups may have a couple of years within the same group (ie. 5 and 6 yr olds).

What is the camper to staff ratio?
During the soccer instruction in the morning, we strive for an average camper to staff ratio of 10 to 1. Group sizes vary depending upon camper group age.  During the optional afternoon swim, ratios are much smaller especially for the 7 and under campers as we must abide by the pool rules and regulations governing the specific pool at your camp location.

How do you ensure safety and supervision?
Safety and supervision are the most important factors at our camp. Our staff must endure a thorough training session to work at our camp (except under certain hiring conditions). We provide a fun, safe atmosphere for learning. We also implement a sign-in and sign-out procedure. Most of our staff have either 1st aid or CPR training and are versed in the use of epi-pen and other safety issues. Our low camper to instructor ratios also ensures close supervision of all the campers.

Can my child walk or ride his/her bike to camp?
A camper may walk, ride or taxi/bus to camp and from camp only if the parent/guardian completes a Sign in/out release form. Otherwise, all campers must be picked up and dropped off at camp. This Sign in/out release form is available during the online registration process.

Do I need to fill out any medical forms?
If your camper has an epipen, or requires assistance with medication at the camp or has any other medical concerns please fill out and return to us by fax the following forms:


How old does my child have to be?
Your child must be at least 6 years old by December 31, 2020.

What if my child is too old to attend your camp but wants to participate?
If your child is 14 or older at the time of camp, he/she can volunteer at camp. Click here to apply as a volunteer.

How many girls register for camp?
Roughly half the campers are girls of all ages but it varies from week to week.

What is the camper to staff ratio during soccer?
During the soccer focus in the morning, we maintain an excellent camper to staff ratio. Group sizes may vary slightly depending upon enrollment levels; however, we strive for a 10 to 1 camper to staff ratio. The younger campers may have a smaller ratio, while older campers may have a slightly larger ratio.

What is the camper to staff ratio during swimming?
During the optional supervised fun swim in the afternoon, ratios are often much smaller as we must adhere to the pool rules and regulations governing the specific pool at your camp location.

How much does camp cost?
Click here to visit the Camp Sessions page for all program costs.

How do the discounts work?
We have earlybird discounts (register and pay by April 30), June 1 discounts (register and pay before June 1), multi-family and multi-week discounts and 7 or more weeks registered discount. Visit the Camp Sessions page for more details.

What method of payment can I use?
Visa (or Visa Debit), MasterCard (or MC Debit), Amex, e-Transfers, Cheque & Money Order

Do you offer any subsidy?
Unfortunately we don’t offer individual subsidy, however, we do support and honour all campers receiving subsidy with written authorization by the provider of subsidy. We can also help in finding a local subsidizer in your city. For more details on subsidies offered in your area see our Community page or contact our head office at 1-800-427-0536.

Are shin pads and soccer shoes required?
Shin pads and soccer shoes are not mandatory, however, if you wish to bring them for use during the morning sessions you can. Be sure to bring/wear running shoes in case the camp must go indoors.

Do we bring our own lunch?
For full day sessions, yes, we recommend also bringing snacks and drinks with your lunch. Half day campers should also bring a snack and drinks.

Are there any food products I should not bring?
We strive to maintain a nut-free camp and asked that you refrain from sending peanut or nut products to camp. If for any reason nut products are accidentally brought to the camp, our staff follow procedures to ensure a safe atmosphere for everyone.

Do we need to bring our own soccer ball?
No, every camper will receive his or her own soccer ball during their first week of camp. Campers are then expected to bring this ball to and from camp each day. Only 1 camp soccer ball will be given to each camper unless they attend 5 or more weeks of camp.

What if we lose the soccer ball or tshirt?
Unfortunately we cannot replace a lost or stolen soccer ball or tshirt. Our staff make every attempt to help the campers personalize and supervise their belongings, however, our staff are not responsible for lost or stolen soccer balls or camp tshirts. If the soccer ball or tshirt is defective, please return it to the supervisor for a new one.  Additional soccer balls and tshirts are available for purchase onsite or while registering online.

Can we buy any camp products?
Yes. We have necklaces, hats, training balls and camp pictures available for purchase.  Please note that if you wish to have an individual picture of your camper taken, please notify your Supervisor on the first day unless you have already pre-purchased it during your online registration.  We’ll be taking pictures of all the groups every week. You will get an opportunity at the end of the week to view the pictures and purchase digital copies. Afternoon-only campers typically will miss the whole camp photo unless specifically requested as pictures are taken in the morning of either Monday or Tuesday. You can also click here for our camp gear page.

How can I register?
You can register by any of three following methods listed below, but by registering online you will secure your spot within minutes:

  1. Register online by clicking here.
  2. Mail: download and complete a registration form and mail in with payment to the appropriate address found here.
  3. Fax registration form to 1-888-639-5957 mail payment immediately to address found here.

What happens if my child does not like the camp?
Please let us know if she/he is not happy with the camp and why. There are no refunds once camp has started, however, we will do whatever we can to make your experience more pleasurable which may include switching groups or more individual attention (if possible).

How does this camp compare to other soccer camps?
Our camp differs from most camps in our approach to coaching. We teach soccer in a fun atmosphere with fantastic, energetic, and experienced instructors. Our camps offer a variety of other activities including a leisure afternoon swim!  We’ve been doing this for over 25 years and have hosted over 250,000 boys and girls at our camps across the country.

If my son/daughter really likes the camp, can we sign him/her up for more weeks?
YES…provided we have room in the week you wish to register for.  Please note that some weeks do fill up very quickly and if you wait too long, the enrollment might be full. We love when campers return for multiple weeks.

Who are the staff/coaches?
We believe we have the best camp staff around! Our RSC Certified Camp Staff endure several interviews, attend multiple training sessions and provide a police background check. Our camp staff are enthusiastic and dedicated to providing your child with a positive, fun-learning & safe environment at all times.

With more than 100 different locations across Canada, you are sure to find a location nearest to you.  Click here to visit our Locations page.

Each session will have 12 participants or less with 2 instructors (1 is the moderator/quality control). We try to keep the groups small to promote more engagement and interaction.

Your experience would be best on a computer or a laptop (either PC or a MAC) with a good audio & webcam. Mobile/cell devices are possible but could pose challenges.

Each participant should bring a soccer ball to the session. If participants are allowed (by parents) to use their shoes in the house where they are viewing the session, they can do so. Any other supplies needed would generally be available in most households and you will be notified in advance.

We will send an email with information about your session a few days prior to the session start date. This email will outline all the necessary information required for your session. Our virtual sessions will be conducted on Zoom.

Some parental involvement may be required to check in and start up the session based on their age and technical level. In most cases, the child can independently attend and participate in the session without any involvement from the parent. Depend on your comfort level of your child with technology and their ability to maintain attention, you may wish to be present at the beginning or end of the session. We design the sessions such that parents don’t need to be involved throughout the hour, however, children may need your assistance in getting the Zoom meeting going at the start.

Please refer to the Session Schedule on our website by clicking here.

Royal Soccer Club is currently offering limited spaces for our Virtual Royal @ Home camps so please be sure you want the virtual session as we likely cannot provide a refund. Thank you for your understanding.