How to ace that summer job interview

February 7, 2020

Winter is in full swing and the snow is falling, the temperatures are dropping.  This is the time most students are thinking about summer jobs.  Time to ace that interview.  Here at Royal City Soccer Club, we interview over 500 candidates for summer jobs so know just what that ‘aced’ interview looks like. Dress to… Read more »

What to do on Family Day?

February 7, 2020

When most people think of special days in February, Valentine’s Day is the one that comes up the most often.  But the day most people forget is Family Day. Trying to keep your children busy can be challenging on any day let alone in the middle of winter when most businesses are closed, but we’re… Read more »

Best Way to Prepare for a Summer Job

January 17, 2020

Yes, it’s January but right about now you’re probably thinking ‘what’s my summer gonna look like?’. What kind of summer job am I going to have?  The summer is full of opportunity but is the planner that often gets the best job.  Here are a few insights on the best way to prepare for a… Read more »

What Makes a Good Camp?

January 17, 2020

The snow is falling, the temperature is dropping. Winter is in full swing but at least the days are getting longer. Yes, time to plan out your summer! Summer camps are a great way to get your kids out of the house and away from the screen during the break. Parent’s want to find the… Read more »

A Day in the Life of an RCSC Camper

July 18, 2019

  8:30am – Mom needed to get to work for 9, so she dropped me off early at camp. I was a bit nervous at first, but my camp counsellor was super nice, and there were a few kids my age that were there early too. We played some circle games while we waited for… Read more »

How to prepare for camp 101

June 26, 2019

Camp is almost here…it has certainly snuck up on us! As much as it is exciting for campers, it can be stressful for parents, especially when you’re not sure how to prepare your camper for their first day. We want parents to enjoy the first day of camp, just as much as their camper(s), so… Read more »

Choosing the right summer camp

June 5, 2019

The time has come… school is almost out and summer is just around the corner.  That can only mean one thing: summer camp time. But how do you choose the right camp for your child(ren)? Keep reading for our list of everything to keep in mind when picking your camp.   Interests & Hobbies The… Read more »

Why training is important for a summer job…

June 5, 2019

  It’s June, which can only mean one thing here at Royal City… it’s training month! Each weekend from now until the start of camp, we travel across the country to train our summer camp staff. We wanted to share with you why this training is so important!   Familiarize yourself with our camps The… Read more »

Why working at summer camp prepares you for a great career…

May 1, 2019

Progressive students think about what they’re doing for the summer, months in advance.  The pragmatic ones think about what summer jobs will help them with their career aspirations when they are done school.    Whether it’s a career in education, child care or sports and leisure, one would be very prudent in  pursuing a summer camp… Read more »