We believe we have the best camp staff around! Our RCSC Certified Camp Staff endure several interviews, attend multiple training sessions and provide a police background check. Our camp staff are enthusiastic and dedicated to providing your child with a positive, fun-learning and safe atmosphere. All applicants must review the Staff Intro Package before applying for a camp position.

  • Camp Counsellor

    Duties include:

    • supervise a group of between 8-12 campers of a specific age range
    • plan and organize a daily program for teaching soccer skills, games and other activities to your group
    • set a good example for campers by being conscientious, supportive of policies and enthusiastic about camp
    • build a close relationship with each camper in your group and be aware of individual issues & needs, always be available to help and guide campers
    • participates in planning special events/activities for the group or whole camp as part of the staff team including meetings
    • shares lunch time with group, ensures campers enjoy their meal and contribute to cleanup
    • ensure a fun and safe atmosphere for all campers and staff
    • ensure campers follow daily routine regarding care of belongings, proper rest, cleanliness, safety and participation in activities
    • setting a good example for all CITs and volunteers and help manage them
    • provide feedback to parents on a daily basis


  • Camp Supervisor

    Duties include all duties of a Camp Counselor plus:

    • manage a complete RCSC location
    • oversee operations of camp from start to finish including programs/activities planned by Camp Counsellors
    • manage and motivate a team of counsellors and volunteers
    • provide evaluations for each of your staff and recommendations for improvements at season’s end
    • delegate responsibilities to staff
    • plan and implement all summer activities
    • be available and provide feedback to parents
    • manage any problems or concerns that arise
    • ensure a fun and safe atmosphere for all campers and staff
    • communicate with Coordinators and head office regularly
    • manage and record all onsite product orders
    • handle the administrative work required from head office
    • organize and maintain equipment, supplies and camp products in an orderly fashion

    *Please note: Remote site supervisors may be required to perform a few additional duties that are not listed above.


  • Counselor in Training (CIT)

    Counselors in Training (CITs) will work closely with Camp Counselors and Supervisors to implement camp activities and ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone.  Under the guidance and direction of Counselors and Supervisors, CITs will help in planning and supervising campers during all aspects of camp.  CITs may or may not be put in charge of a group of campers.  If CITs are deemed responsible and capable, he/she may be asked to supervise a group of campers similar to a Counselor.  CITs should be energetic, enthusiastic, responsible and a team player.  They may be asked to register with a youth services bureau to be eligible for government wage subsidy.

  • Regional Coordinator

    Duties include:

    • oversee operations at several camp locations
    • coordinate pre-season site walk through and season end equipment/supply return to head office
    • take onsite camp pictures
    • ensure all staff adhere to RCSC policies and procedures including dress code
    • resolving problems that arise at camp (staff, camper, program, parent or facility related)
    • fill-in for any staff onsite as needed
    • office and onsite duties as needed

  • Camp Health Professional

    The Camp Health Professional will be in charge of examining camper’s medical records prior to the start of camp each week. In addition, they be the main point of contact for any medical concerns arising on-site.

    Please note: this position is an off-site part-time position and hours may vary from week to week (8 weeks of camp).

  • Volunteers

    Volunteers are often our former campers but volunteering is open to virtually anyone.  Being a volunteer is often the first step towards becoming a staff member at the Royal City Soccer Club.  Volunteers are treated like staff and expected to maintain a good work ethic by assisting all staff onsite and providing a fun and safe learning atmosphere for campers. Volunteers should be energetic, enthusiastic, responsible and a team player.  Volunteers are required to watch a brief volunteer video prior to camp starting.