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5 reasons why applying for a summer camp job is a good idea?

Once holidays are over and we are on to the new year, we often forget to think about what we will be doing for the upcoming summer…despite this pandemic situation. Well, time to start thinking about it.  Look no further as we have the perfect summer job for you…working at summer camp…and its probably one of most rewarding jobs out there. Here’s why:

  1. Regular Hours/Routine

As we all know camp runs during the two months of summer when the children are on summer school break. Camp allows you to work during the day and have your weekends and nights off. Knowing your schedule weeks in advance makes it easier to arrange plans with friends and family during your days off.

  1. Work Outside

Nothing is better than working outside during the summer months.  After such a long year of being ‘captive’ inside, whether due to health guidelines, school or other, its liberating to be able to work outside in the fresh air all day.   Work outdoors at a summer day cannot sound more appealing.

  1. Work with Children

Having the opportunity to work with children during the summer just sounds like endless fun. Kids keep you young!  Not only will you gain so much experience to add to your resume, but you’ll be able to learn how to engage with children of different ages and learning styles.  You’ll be surprised not only how much you will learn about yourself working with children at a summer camp…but you just might find yourself pursing a different career path than you thought.

  1. Show your flare!

Working at camps gives you an opportunity to show your creative side.  While most programming is often prepared for you, the best camps allow some flexibility to incorporate the creative strengths of each of its staff members. There is nothing like sharing one of your cool ideas or experiences with the next generation.

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