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Benefits of planning the summer for the kids early! LET THE FUN BEGIN!

“So much planning, so many things to think about and so little time! “ That is what parents usually say to themselves when they start planning for their children’s summer activities…. in MARCH!  Or at least that is what my parents would always tell me. Growing up in a family of with 3 young kids my parents always struggled to stay on track. Having a 15, 13 and 5 year old was definitely a challenge.

That is until they changed their approach and started planning for the summer in January! It was as if a lightbulb has just gone on in the house. Such a simple concept, and it took them so long to realize how beneficial it would be.  Some of the biggest benefits to planning your summer early include:

  • Discount… Let’s face it, having children is not kind to the wallet, that’s why taking advantage of early bird deals is so important. Many camps, such as Royal City Soccer Club, offer great early bird deals. Don’t let your hard earned money leave when its so easy so save!
  • Availability… Ok, so you found the perfect program, at the perfect location and for the best price around. You give them a call and after a few seconds of silence(that seem like an eternity) you are told…”Sorry but there is no more space for this program.”  You can avoid this dreaded response by signing up early.
  • Option… If you start looking early in the year you’ll see all programs available…because they will all likely still have availability. No risk of certain option being closed to you and your children. Soccer, basketball, dance, karate! All is open early and if you reach out to these location, even if the registration is not yet open, everyone is more than happy to give you any and all information regarding their programs.
  • Rest while others stress… Who wants to be stressed looking for camps at the last minute. Sign up early and then just BREATH and relax because for the next few months you will have one less huge task to worry about. Now you can start planning for all the activities that happen around your children’s summer plans, such as long weekends at the beach, visiting relatives, going away to another country, etc.

These are just a few of the benefits of registering for summer programs early.  Just remember that there is no price equal to your child really enjoying and making the most out of a summer experience. Let’s make our summer a MEMORABLE ONE!

Renzo Muniz

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