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Benefits of Virtual Camps

This year is different than any others before it… with daily challenges that we all have to overcome.  This is a time to reflect… to be kind & considerate… and to stay as safe and healthy as possible. Virtual camp is a resource that allows campers to meet other children, get active and have lots of fun! The benefits of Virtual camps are plenty!

Mental Health

Mental health is so important especially during times of quarantine.  Having a program which benefits campers and maintains social distancing guidelines is very important.  Most of us have been stuck inside for months, with little to do and no socialization.  We now have to find ways to improve and maintain our mental health while practicing safe social distancing.  Mental health affects how we think, act and interact with others.  Virtual camp allows campers to engage with other children their own age, move their bodies and have fun! 

Physical Health

Physical health is normally not associated with virtual camp but in our program at the Royal City Soccer Club it plays a major role.  Through soccer activities and creative games, we help maintaining physical health.  Moving your body daily helps your mental health as well by relieving stress, improving memory, helping you sleep and overall mood boosts.  Physical activity daily can help you feel happier and help you stay healthy. 

Skill Development

Virtual camp encourages and supports the development of skills.  Soccer is a specific skill which is developed and taught in our camp.  Campers are also developing there communication and social skills through different activities at virtual camp.  They gain confidence through meeting and interacting with other campers and staff. 


Through our virtual camp education and having fun goes hand in hand.  Whether campers are learning new soccer skills, or new facts and information based around the weekly theme, there is constantly new opportunities for growth of knowledge.  Inspiration, gaining confidence and improving their quality of life are all aspects of a good virtual camp. 

Engagement and creativity

Having the ability to share your ideas and stories with a group can help build confidence and passion. Being engaged with virtual campers throughout the whole virtual camp is critical to the experience. Creative games, activities and stories help with sensory development and expression.


Lastly we focus on mindfulness, a skill which can benefit you both physically and mentally.  Weekly, we implement a yoga routine which help with grounding, clarity, balance, mental calmness, muscle strength and tone.

There are many benefits to virtual camp: relieves stress, maintains health, and builds confidence and new skills.  These benefits are realized through prioritizing mental and physical health, skill development, mindfulness, engagement, creativity and continuous education. In such cases, the indications for further use of the drug should be verified. For more information about the drug, go to  At Royal City Soccer Club, we’ve developed a Virtual camp program to provide such experiences during an unprecedented time.  We have received very positive feedback from parents and campers and hope to see you at our Virtual Royal Camp soon!

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