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Coping during quarantine

With schools coming to an end, and most of the country sheltering in place, many youth are now finding themselves with a surplus of extra time on their hands. While video games and sleeping in until noon can be a welcome break for a few days, it’s easy to begin going stir crazy. The most important thing we’ve found to combat quarantine boredom has been keeping up a schedule.  We’ll walk through some of the things that have filled our schedule the past couple of weeks!

Wake up call

With no more morning classes, it can be easy to slip into the habit of oversleeping into the afternoon. However, it’s very important to maintain your sleep schedule, and thus proper sleep hygiene. You may not need to be up at 6am anymore, but try to set yourself a goal wake-up time and stick to it. The same goes for your bedtime routine; pick a time and stick to it!

Set some goals

You’re up now, what next? Schedule some time for activities each day, varying up productive goals with entertainment and free time. 


Whether it’s following along with an at-home workout on YouTube or going for a walk/run through the neighbourhood, be sure to give yourself some time to stay active and get your heart rate going!


Spring is here and along with that comes spring-cleaning. Your goal could be anywhere from having all the dishes washed directly after super, to making a deep clean to do list and setting aside an hour or two each day to tackle one of the items. From washing the baseboards to scrubbing the tub, there’s lots to be cleaned around the house!

Build your resume! 

We recognize that many employers are not hiring right now (but here at Royal City Soccer Club we are still are hiring!) , however you never know what opportunities are out there if you’re not looking. If you can’t find any new postings one day, why not try working on an employable skill? Watch a webinar about using Excel, work through some exercises on your favourite free language learning app.

Have some fun

Don’t schedule your whole day full of chores and work, otherwise you’ll quickly lose motivation and burn out. Set realistic goals, and be sure to pepper in plenty of time for fun and recreation throughout the day.

Play some games! 

If you’re back home with your family for the summer, now’s the perfect time to implement game nights. Break out your deck of cards and monopoly board and have some fun! If you’re not sheltering with other people, try playing games online. There are plenty of multiplayer games online, or set up a video chat with your friends and family and play with them virtually!

Do some arts and crafts! 

This is the time to start exploring your creative side and knocking out some of those projects you have pinned to your Pinterest board. Pick up a hobby, be it painting, macramé, knitting, etc. and explore your creative side. There are plenty of blogs and Youtube videos out there for anyone looking to pick up a new crafty hobby!

Enjoy the outdoors (safely)! 

With this tip it’s important to consider physical distancing, but there’s still some ways you can enjoy the outdoors. Spring is here in full swing, and as it gets warmer it’s a perfect time to begin clearing out your gardens and prepping them for your May plantings. It’s also a great time to break out your sports equipment and start practicing at home in your own backyard. Pump up your soccer balls or strap on your roller blades! 


Your schedule is completely up to you! Some people will want a jammed-packed day with no free time. Others may want a morning routine to get them started, and trust that the rest of the day will sort itself out. Just be sure to treat yourself kindly through these times, and know that we will get through this. 

The most important thing to remember through these times is that we are all in it together. It’s been amazing watching our communities come together while staying distanced and seeing Canada as a whole pull together to support each other.

Stay safe and stay home!


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