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Diversity and Inclusion at summer camp: The importance of being open to differences

The world is becoming an increasingly diverse place with new people immigrating to Canada daily.   More ethnicities and cultures are present within communities today than ever before. It’s important to be aware of the differences between people and use them as a way to learn new ways of doing things – or even learn something about a culture different from your own.

What is culture?

Culture is the shared traditions, beliefs, customs and history of a group of people from the same ethnicity, language, nationality or religion. Everyone develops some sort of culture depending on the environment they learn in and these lessons are passed on to different generations. It’s important to be aware of your own culture as well as others around you.

How can you learn from others who are different from you?

  • Learn a new way of doing things!

People coming from a different country or culture may have a new perspective that you may have not thought of before. Be open about new ways of thinking.

  • Respect

Being exposed to new culture and ethnicities means you need to respect differences in beliefs, traditions, and ways of thinking – even if they do not agree with your own.

  • Openness

Meeting people from different walks of life means you develop a sense of openness to new things, and will make you a well rounded person. Who doesn’t want to be around a person who is accepting, respectful, and open?

Why is camp the perfect place to learn about diversity and inclusion?

Summer day camps are a perfect way for your son or daughter to learn about diversity and inclusion.  At the Royal City Soccer Club, we welcome all families & children (between ages of 5 to 13) to register & participate in our program.  Children are not entrenched in the discourse of some adults so their openness to learn about different cultures & ethnicities that attend camp is high.  With a common goal to learn some life skills, play soccer / camp games and have fun, the campers band together, form bonds and build friendships.  Many times these are the most productive times to learn about new cultures….from their friends!

Camps is not only a fun experience but an opportunity to develop friendships and meet new people & diverse cultures!


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