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Family Day Fun!

Life can be stressful. Especially when you constantly need to keep your children busy, even on holidays like Family Day.  Planning activities on Family Day can be difficult considering that all business are closed till the following day.  It’s hard to find a healthy / constructive way to release your child’s energy, so instead of staying in and lying on the couch, let’s talk about some fun activities to keep you and the Kids off the couch!

Scavenger Hunt

A good old fashion Scavenger Hunt will surely get your family moving!

Find some object’s around the house that are easy to hide, yet big enough that they still be partially seen while hidden.

  • Pick one person to be the “Squirrel” of the group. The Squirrel will hide the objects somewhere in the house. While the Squirrel is hiding the objects, the other players who will be the “Wolves”, will close their eyes and count out loud to thirty. This allows the Squirrel to have thirty seconds to hide the objects.
  • Once the thirty second time limit is up, all the Wolves will start looking for the objects hidden by the Squirrel.
  • Once all objects have been found, the player with the most objects wins!
  • Repeat Steps 1 to 4, while switching who plays the Squirrel

Sometimes going back to basics is just what your family needs to get back into action during Family Day.

 Icky Slime

This delightful activity is not only easy but clean too! Creating slime is an extremely easy process, as well as educational. You and your children can explore the different states of matter or just have an amazing time playing with slime.

To make slime you will need the following ingredients:

  • -Washable Clear or White children’s liquid glue
  • -Liquid Starch (Borax, Pure Baking Soda, etc)
  • -½ cup water
  • -Any amount of glitter, food colouring, or other add ins you want in your slime.
  1. In a bowl mix ½ cup of water with ½ of glue. Do this until completely blended.
  2. Add in any colour or glitter desired. *Using clear glue will great jewel tone colours where white glue will create pastel colours*
  3. Pour ¼ cup of liquid starch, mixing until slime forms
  4. Leave slime in a clean container for 5 minutes and watch for the change in constancy.
  5. Time to play with your slime!

This activity will not only spark your child’s interest but also their creativity!

Spy Master

No matter how old we are we all fantasize about becoming a spy. What if I told you that you could make that dream come true today by playing Spy Master! The fun, creative, and safe course your child can take to become a successful spy. The tools needed to play this game are:

  • -Hockey Tape, Masking Tape, or Electrical Tape
  • -A hallway
  • -Stop watch
  1. Set up tape across the hallway connected to both walls creating, a web of tape that represents lasers.
  2. Going one at a time try to navigate the tangled web of lasers as fast as you can without touching / breaking any of the “lasers”
  3. Which ever player’s have the quickest time move onto the next round.
  4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 until there is one winner.
  5. Stimulating everyone’s imagination and teamwork abilities, spy master is a game for the whole family. Warning this game is ridiculously fun!

Life can be stressful, especially when making plans with the kids. Try these three activities to jump start your Family Day . The same phenomena were noticed in patients with the same diseases, but who were not treated with valacyclovir. Plan ahead, go to to register your child in an unforgettable experience at our Soccer Summer Day Camp! Just because your Family Day plans were last minute, doesn’t mean your summer ones have to be too!


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