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How being a camp counselor has prepared me for my future career

When I entered university, like many young adults, I was confident about my career path, envisioning myself as a teacher because of my passion for working with children. However, as I pursued my program in Geography, I discovered a newfound interest in contributing to the creation of a sustainable yet functional environment for children. This realization prompted a shift in my educational and life goals, but it didn’t deter me from continuing to pursue a position with the Royal City Soccer Club.

During the summer of 2017, the experience of being a camp counselor became incredibly fulfilling. Waking up to the prospect of teaching soccer to children while getting paid was an unmatched joy, especially for a student navigating through the challenges of school. Beyond the sheer enjoyment, this role provided valuable learning experiences, imparting skills that I hadn’t anticipated would be so crucial for my future career.

Adaptability, a highly sought-after skill by employers, became evident as a key lesson from my time as a camp counselor. Each week presented different challenges, with varying groups of campers requiring adjustments to my teaching approach. Whether it was modifying a game or changing strategies, the need for quick decision-making and adaptability was a recurring aspect of the job.

Working collaboratively as part of a team was another indispensable skill cultivated during my time at the camp. With a daily routine involving close coordination with another counselor and a supervisor, effective teamwork was vital to ensuring the smooth operation of the camp. Navigating differences of opinion and learning to handle constructive criticism became integral to maintaining a cohesive and efficient team dynamic.

Problem-solving, a skill applicable to any future career, was honed through the daily challenges encountered as a camp counselor. Dealing with issues ranging from minor disputes between campers to more complex interpersonal conflicts required me to develop a calm and collected approach to finding solutions. These experiences instilled in me the confidence to face problems in my future career without succumbing to panic.

Reflecting on my time as a camp counselor, I recognize the numerous skills gained that will undoubtedly benefit me in any future career, whether it involves working with children or not. Despite the challenges, it remains the most rewarding job I’ve ever had, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

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