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How to ace that summer job interview

Winter is in full swing and the snow is falling, the temperatures are dropping.  This is the time most students are thinking about summer jobs.  Time to ace that interview.  Here at Royal City Soccer Club, we interview over 500 candidates for summer jobs so know just what that ‘aced’ interview looks like.

Dress to impress:

First impressions last! It is always better to overdress than to underdress. Even if all you have is a suit and tie, that looks much better than those jeans that you always use with your favorite shirt that you think gives you luck!

Put the phone away:

Cell phones should be turned off or muted for the duration of the interview.  It is very distracting when a cell phone starts ringing at an inappropriate time.

Sell yourself:

Candidates think it’s the interviewer’s job to ‘pull’ information out of the candidate or find out what they need.  Not true.  The candidate must ‘sell him or herself’ during the interview at all times.  The candidate has to highlight reasons to hire them and the experience and skillset that backs that up.

Make eye contact:

Too many candidates look down or away from the interviewer during their response.  This is a sign that the candidate is not confident or sure of his/her answer. Looking at the interviewer shows confidence in yourself and your answers.

Personalize your answers:

Interviewers hear the same old answers to most of the questions. When a candidate can personalize their response and make it different from others, it will stand out as a memorable moment in the interview.

Be concise:

Often candidates talk too much of stuff the interviewer doesn’t care to hear.  Be sure the answer the question you are given and be concise about the information you are providing.  Often you can read from the interviewer whether they want to hear more about it or not…but don’t assume that because they haven’t interrupted you means they are interested in what you are saying.

Choose words carefully:

It is important for candidates to use appropriate words & terminology.  Swearing is a big no-no.  When candidates use slang, it gives the appearance of a lazy brain…not something an interviewer is looking for.

If you apply for a job with us this summer, keep these tips in mind and you’ll likely substantially increase your chances of getting the job.

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