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Why being a camp counselor is the BEST job ever!

If you have never worked as a camp counselor, you’re missing out! There are so many bonuses to being a camp counselor, even if you don’t plan on working with children in the future. Of course, every job comes with situations that will cause you to stop and think of a solution, but that’s ok because there are so many reasons why being a camp counselor is the best summer job…

  1. You get to be outside all day. Who doesn’t love rocking a tan in the summer?!
  2. You get to be a kid again. Camp games, crafts, swimming, soccer activities – yes, you get to participate in ALL of these!
  3. You get to be a role model. Who doesn’t want to be that?! All of the campers look up to you and think you are the coolest person ever, especially when you act goofy!
  4. You get to work with people just like you. Everyone that works at camp wants to be there and that’s a great feeling!
  5. You are happy every day when you go to work. You get to think on your feet, use your creative ideas for games and create cheers all day long!
  6. You get paid. Of course this is obvious, as it is a summer job…but you get paid to play, act silly, laugh, exercise and hang out with friends all while creating a positive environment for campers and teaching them something new each and every day.

Now, tell me again why anyone would pass up this opportunity? Apply today online!

– Manager, 2017

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