A Day in a Life of a Camp Counselor - Royal City Soccer Club

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Alarm Rings, its 7am, time to get ready for camp! Most of the time I would cringe at waking up at 7am however, when you are a camp counsellor going to work is exciting. Every morning I have to make sure I eat a big healthy breakfast to give me lots of energy for the day ahead of me. This week’s camp theme is Treasure Island, so I need to make sure I dress in my best Pirate apparel today! I get to camp at 8am and there are children already there waiting who are eager to play camp games.  Until camp starts at 9am the children and I play camp games. During this hour I tend to let the children choose the games and lead them; this provides the children with an opportunity to demonstrate and enhance leadership skills. From 9am until 12pm the other camp counsellors and I work with the children on advancing their soccer skills with drills and games targeted to their abilities. We take lots of water breaks during this time because this summer weather is hot! At 12pm we break for lunch for an hour. The children naturally finish their lunches in 10 minutes so once I am finished eating I play more camp games with the children, again letting them choose and lead the games. At 1pm the children, camp counsellors and myself walk to the swimming pool which is close to our field. We all go in the pool for a fun swim until around 2:30pm.  After swimming we walk back to the field and have snack – Swimming tends to make the children extremely hungry! From 2:30pm until camp ends at 4pm, traditional camp games are run without a soccer focus. At 4pm children slowly start to go home once their parents arrive for pick up. Parents have until 530pm to pick up their children so we just continue our traditional camp games to end off the day. The study of the unique properties of the drug has been devoted to a significant number of works around the world. Another great day at camp! Oh – and I always make sure to remember (and the campers remind me in the morning), that I am who they talk about during dinner time!

– Camp Counselor (ON), 2016

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