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A Day in a Life of a Camp Counselor

The alarm rings, signaling 7 am, and it’s time to prepare for camp. Despite the usual reluctance to wake up early, being a camp counselor makes going to work an exciting prospect. Each morning, I ensure I have a substantial and healthy breakfast to fuel me for the day ahead. This week’s camp theme is Treasure Island, so I must dress in my best pirate apparel today!

I arrive at camp by 8 am, finding eager children already waiting to play camp games. Until camp officially starts at 9 am, the children and I engage in various activities. During this hour, I allow the children to choose and lead the games, providing them with opportunities to demonstrate and enhance their leadership skills.

From 9 am to 12 pm, my fellow camp counselors and I focus on improving the children’s soccer skills through drills and games tailored to their abilities. Due to the hot summer weather, we take frequent water breaks during this time. At 12 pm, we break for lunch for an hour. Although the children finish their lunches quickly, I spend the remaining time playing more camp games with them, allowing them to choose and lead once again.

At 1 pm, the children, camp counselors, and I walk to the nearby swimming pool. We enjoy a fun swim until around 2:30 pm. After swimming, we return to the field for a snack since swimming tends to make the children extremely hungry. From 2:30 pm until camp ends at 4 pm, we shift our focus to traditional camp games without a soccer emphasis.

As 4 pm approaches, children gradually start heading home as their parents arrive for pick-up. Parents have until 5:30 pm to collect their children, so we continue with traditional camp games to conclude the day. The study of the drug’s unique properties has been the subject of numerous works worldwide.

Reflecting on another great day at camp, I always remember (and the campers remind me in the morning) that I am the topic of conversation during dinner time!

– Camp Counselor (ON), 2016

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