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Spring Break Ideas (that won’t hurt your wallet)

Every child looks forward to Spring Break, because who doesn’t enjoy getting some time away from school? Parents also look forward to Spring Break because they get to spend some quality time with their children! There are an endless amount of things you could do during this break that won’t hurt your wallet, but if you find yourself stumped on ideas don’t sweat, I am here to help!

1. High Ho, off to the woods we go! Get those growing legs moving and go for a hike! It’s Canada’s 150th anniversary and as a gift for all Canadians you can order a Parks Canada Discovery pass for FREE all year long! The pass will give you free admission to any National Park, National Marine Conservation areas and National Historic Sites! You can simply go to to order yours. Get out there and explore!
2. Lions and tigers and bears…Oh my! The zoo – a perfect fun filled day for everybody in the family! Pack up a lunch and some snacks and off you go.
3.  As Dory says “Just keep swimming”. It may not be warm enough to go swimming outdoors yet, but that doesn’t have to stop you! Bring your kids to your local recreation centre (one with an indoor pool) and bring out your inner kid. As an added bonus, if you are registering your child(ren) for our summer camp, going swimming will get them comfortable and excited to be in the pool during our afternoon leisure swim!
4. STRIKE! Unfortunately, it is not yet baseball season, BUT the bowling alley is just as great (open year round). It’s ok if you’re not a bowling champ – it’s just great to have fun! Just remember there are bumpers available in case you are known for throwing gutter balls (I’m definitely guilty of this!).
5. Lights, Camera, ACTION. Grab the popcorn whether it’s at home or at a theatre and enjoy a movie night. If you have more than one child you could give them a night of the week where they get to pick what movie you watch. You could also make a trip to the drive in (depending on where you’re located, these open as early as March). Oh! And don’t forget cheap Tuesdays at most theatres to save a buck or two!
6. Frosting on the cake. Embrace that sweet tooth and get baking! Find a recipe for your child(ren)’s favourite treats and spend some quality time together. Show them that baking is fun and it’s a great bonding experience. And the end product is always delicious!

Here’s to a great Spring Break full of family activities and making memories!

– Office Coordinator, 2017.

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