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The importance of having girls in sports

Being involved in sports and physical activity has multiple far reaching effects that children can carry into adulthood. Sports play a massive role in female development while also providing valuable skills to help girls become more successful in all facets of life. In honour of National Women’s Day, we want to highlight the super girls out there and why it’s important to stay involved in sports.

Social Skills

Being involved in sports can help girls build both self and body esteem while also expanding their social circle. Girls involved in sports tend to build stronger confidence levels which can carry over into their everyday life. They learn teamwork and a sense of belonging which can also improve their social skills both inside and outside the sport. Being involved in sports also allows them to work on your personal and physical goals while also making friends and building strong relationships.

Physical Benefits

Staying active and involved in sports for girls can have immense physical and psychological benefits. Not only are they staying physically active and gaining a more positive body image. But they can also improve psychologically. Exercise increases endorphins in the brain which is a natural mood booster. There are also more opportunities to improve physically and mentally when in an environment that promotes physical health.

Education and Learning

School can be stressful, especially children who may struggle with social aspects or learning hurdles. Sports however are known to improve cognitive learning and memory. Achieving goals in sports can also motivate girls to achieve their academic goals. Girls also become more comfortable with their social skills in school while being involved in sports. This makes their academic experience more engaging and motivating when you enjoy your school environment.

Gender equality

In a world that has been mostly dominated by boys, girls involved in sports are encouraging gender equality and female empowerment breaking down social stigmas attached to women in sports. It also goes on to create excellent examples of female athletes and new definitions of beauty. Beauty found in strength and power is very important, and we have women in sports to thank for that.

Overall, girls who stay involved in sports not only acquire positive skills and set healthy standards for their personal benefit. But also contribute to creating a more inclusive and progressive environment in sports.

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