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What Makes a Good Camp?

The snow is falling, the temperature is dropping. Winter is in full swing but at least the days are getting longer. Yes, time to plan out your summer! Summer camps are a great way to get your kids out of the house and away from the screen during the break. Parent’s want to find the best camps for their children, but what makes a great camp?


Having a schedule and knowing what’s on the agenda for today is crucial when running a camp. The best camps not only have their staff plan out their days, but they’ll have them plan more activities than needed. Sometimes an activity that you thought would go for half an hour, only takes up half that time. A great camp leader will have some games in their back pocket meant just for these occasions.

Child-centred approach

While having a schedule in place is very important, it’s crucial to remember that the end goal is always the children’s safety and enjoyment! The best camps can acknowledge when the programmed activity isn’t working for that group and adapt. Small changes, such as increasing the difficulty when a group has already mastered the skill, can greatly increase the enjoyment of the campers. And in the end, it’s the children’s experience that is the most important!

Great staff

And finally, we get to the most important part of a great camp: the staff! Camp administrators can design a great camp experience, but it’s the staff that work onsite, working with the children and the parents, that make the difference. It’s important for camps to always be on the look out for the very best staff.  At Royal City, we look for our staff to be safety-conscious, responsible, enthusiastic, creative, organized, great communicators and willing to go above and beyond!

This winter, while you’re dreaming of the summer and planning your child’s camp schedule, be on the look out for camps that value planning for every step, taking a child-centred approach & hiring the best staff. Here at RCSC, we focus on all of the above at every step of the way, and that’s what makes us an amazing camp!

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