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At Royal City, the health and safety of our campers is our number one priority. There are a number of areas we address to ensure a safe environment for all campers and staff.

First Aid Kits

Our camp locations each have a substantial first aid kit to accommodate almost any camp related situation. This first aid kit is stored & maintained by our onsite Supervisor, but accessible by all our staff. It is constantly replenished as supplies are used up.

Allergies & Medical forms

We recognize that many children who attend our camps may have a medical condition or allergy. We ask that parents complete the appropriate form during the registration process, however, our onsite Supervisor will have access to extra forms at camp. In the case of anaphylaxis, parents/guardians must complete the EpiPen authorization form (also available online) so our camp staff are fully aware of the situation and act appropriately should the need arise.

Cell phone

On the first day of camp, you’ll receive a newsletter that identifies the onsite Supervisor’s cell phone number in case you need to reach our staff during the day.  Parents/guardians should only call this number if absolutely necessary as our staff are always busy supervising the campers.  Please understand that at certain moments in the day, our camp staff may be unable to answer your call immediately. As soon as there is a break in action and if safe to do so, they will call you back. We thank you in advance for y patience.


With our camps being conducted primarily outdoors except during inclement weather, we ask that all campers bring and apply their own sunscreen. We will have touch-free sunscreen spray available on site if needed. Campers will be reminded several times a day to apply sunscreen. Where possible, we’ll also conduct some activities in the shade or under shelter.

Sign in/ out & head counts

For the safety of all campers, we ask parents/guardians to follow our sign in and sign out protocol each day. If a camper wishes to get to and/or leave camp via walking, biking, bus, etc., they will be required to have a sign in/out release form completed by a parent/guardian prior to the start of camp. This form is also available during the online registration process.

Staff certifications & background

Our staff have a passion to provide the best possible and safest experience for your camper. Most of our staff have first aid/CPR certification in addition to others. All staff are required to complete a police background check and provide it to RCSC prior to the start of camp.

Camper, Staff or Volunteer illness

If a camper, volunteer, or staff member becomes ill while at camp, the individual will be separated immediately from the others in a supervised area to ensure that physical distancing (2 meters) is maintained.  Parents/guardians will be notified immediately, and the camper, volunteer, or staff member will need to be picked up as soon as possible.

We ask all parents and guardians to use appropriate judgment when sending your child to camp.  If your child is ill, kindly refrain from sending your child to camp until they are symptom free for 24 hours. The same is asked of all staff and volunteers.

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