Camp Programs

Full Day Session

Ages 5-13

Campers must be at least 5 years old
at the time your camp week begins.

9am - 4pm

Early Drop-Off: 8-9am (no extra charge)
Late Pick-Up: 4-5:30pm (no extra charge)

Important Information

Our full days sessions combine both the morning and afternoon sessions.  Full day sessions start at 9:00am and formal camp activities end at 4:00pm daily, however, at no additional charge, you may drop off your camper between 8:00 – 9:00am and pickup from 4:00 – 5:30pm, fully supervised by our staff.  The closer to 4:00pm that you can pick up your camper the better as it is a long day for everyone. Parents are asked to sign in/out each day with our staff to help us track attendance and provide camper security. Most campers participate in our full day sessions.


Our morning sessions focus on SOCCER which include: warm up games & activities, individual skill development, fun team building exercises and Mini-World Cups.  Our staff coach and supervise their campers in a good coaching ratio.  The program will change slightly from week to week to accommodate campers signing up for multiple weeks as we introduce different theme weeks & days.  Campers are grouped and coached by age, size and ability where possible.  Our staff are excellent at providing the right combination of fun and development for the age and skill level of your child.

(For older competitive rep players, our camp may not meet your expectations.)


Afternoon sessions consist of a less structured format that includes a supervised afternoon fun swim and/or organized camp games (the swim is optional but most campers do participate).  The leisure swim is fully supervised by camp staff and pool lifeguards but is subject to availability, ratios and regulations (some locations may not swim every day).  Some campers may be required to rotate in shifts and/or share swim time.  Our camp is required to adhere to local pool regulations and coordinate with onsite pool lifeguards for supervision.  Supervised activities for campers choosing not to swim will depend on the makeup of the group not swimming.  If you have any swim concerns, speak to your onsite Supervisor.

Please note:
* Campers aged 5-7 cannot register for afternoon-only sessions, however, they can still register for full days or mornings where available.
** There might not be any soccer played in the afternoon sessions.

What to bring?

Campers should bring the following items for full day sessions:

  • sunscreen
  • water / drinks
  • snacks (no nut/peanut products)
  • running shoes (soccer shoes & shin pads are optional)
  • knapsack / cooler
  • hat
  • swimsuit & towel (if participating in the swim)
  • packed lunch

Our Camp Features!

Each camper will receive the following:

  • Camp soccer ball
  • Camp tshirt
  • Camp medal and certificate (end of the week)
  • Excellent group ratios with RCSC Certified Camp staff
  • No charge supervised early drop-off and late pick-up care
  • Pictures & camp gear available for purchase

Note: only 1 soccer ball and 1 tshirt will be provided to each camper.  A 2nd item of each will be provided when a camper attends his/her 5th week of camp.  RCSC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Special Events

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Camp Gear

Each camper will receive the following:

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